1999 Audi R8R

Images courtesy and copyright James Davies and Audisportpresse
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
The 1999 Audi R8R is a difficult car to analyze.  Technically, there were three different variants;  the original concept car that was shown late '98 and took on the bulk of the early testing, the Sebring variant, and the Le Mans car.  Also consider that at the same time Audi was developing the R8C LMGTP.  It should have been clear from early on that Audi was very serious about their Le Mans effort if just slightly unsure of how to focus their energy.
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1999 Audi R8R Specifications
Designer: Aerodynamics: Michael Pfadenhauer
Chassis:  Wolfgang Appel
Layout: Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Monocoque: Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb monocoque
Engine: 3600 cc V8, turbo-charged, 90 degree cylinder angle, 4 valves per cylinder, 2 Garrett turbo-chargers; to comply with the rules 2 x 32.4 mm air restrictors, and boost pressure restriction to 1.67 bars (absolute)
Horsepower: 610 hp @ 6300 rpm
Torque: 516 lb-ft. @ 5750 rpm
Gearbox: Sequential 6-speed sports gearbox built by Ricardo
Differential: Multiple-disc limited slip differential
Driveshafts: Constant-velocity plunging tripod joint
Steering: Power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering
Suspension: Independent suspension at front and rear. Double-wishbone suspension. Pushrod system with horizontal spring/damper unit, adjustable gas-filled shock absorbers
Brakes: Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system, monobloc light-alloy brake calipers, ventilated carbon fiber brake discs at front and rear, brake force distribution, driver adjustable
Wheels: O.Z. forged magnesium rims
Front: 13.5 x 18 inches
Rear: 14.5 x 18 inches
Tires: Michelin Radial
Front: 33/65-18
Rear: 36/71-18
Length: 4650 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Wheelbase: 2700 mm
Front Overhang: 900 mm
Rear Overhang: 1050 mm
Weight: 917.5 kgs (1999 Le Mans average)
Tank capacity: 90 liters
ęCopyright 2002, Michael J. Fuller