Kudzu DLM

World Sports Car DLM

Mazda-Kudzu DLM, chassis #007, Daytona Testing 1996, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998-2000

  • Chassis #007:  Mazda 3-rotor powered:  Debuted Daytona 1996.  Raced Le Mans 1996.  Competed 1996-1998 by Downing/Atlanta Racing.  Currently  owned by Dennis Spencer and raced by Trench Shoring Racing.  Converted to turbo Mazda 3-rotor power for the 1999 Petit Le Mans.  Severely damaged in testing at Roebling Road, Georgia, late '99.  Since rebuilt and campaigning in the Grand Am SR2 category (now back to normally-aspirated 3-rotor power)).
  • Chassis #008:  Buick V6:  What is the official designation of the Buick car?  Dave Lynn, the car’s designer, has this  to say: “I tend to call that car a DLB (the B for Buick as opposed to the M for Mazda)  Jim [Downing]  calls it a DLM-Buick”.    The Buick rear end assembly was ‘donated’ by chassis #004 (DG-2).


ęCopyright 2015, Michael J. Fuller