Kudzu Chassis History Index
This is probably as official a chassis history as you can get.  The history of the few Downing/Atlanta Kudzus is particularly convoluted.  Over the years the cars have converted to run in other formula and the original specification is lost.  Not to mention no one at the Downing/Atlanta shops knows either (well, almost no one)!  Dave Lynn (designer of the Kudzu DLM, DLM-4 and DLY series) and I sat down and figured out the history of all the cars as best as can be remembered.
Mazda Kudzu DLM logo, Copyright, Michael J. Fuller, 1998
A note about chassis designation:  The letter designation for each car indicates the car manufacturer ('D' for Jim 'D'owning) and the chassis designer.  DG stand for Downing/Garret (Sam Garret).  Sam Garret designed the DG-1, DG-2, and DG-3 series.  DL indicates Downing/Lynn (Dave Lynn).  Dave Lynn has designed modifications to the DG-2 and DG-3 series as well as the the entire line of DLM and DLY chassis'.
Chassis’ are traced by their plate number and original specification

Listed chronologically:

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