2001-2004 Dome S101

Images courtesy and copyright Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image and Juha Kivekas,
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Le Mans 2002The rear wing mounts directly to the body work.
Le Mans 2002The Dome's low wing architecture is very evident.
Petit Le Mans 2002Road Atlanta 2002.  U.S. tracks have different downforce requirements than Le Mans.  The Dome ran with the rear wing in a higher position and complemented the set up with front end dive planes. 
Le Mans 2003The S101 appeared at Le Mans '03 with Dome's interpretation of deep rear wing endplates.  Compared to other chassis (Audi, Courage, R&S MkIIIC), Dome's endplates veer towards the conservative.
Le Mans 2003At Le Mans '04, the Dome S101's rear wing was reduced in span to 1.8 meters in width in order to comply with the new regulations. 

©Copyright 2004, Michael J. Fuller