2000 Lola B2K/10

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The Lola B2K is a  development of last season's (1999) somewhat lack luster B98/10.  One of the major flaws of the B98 was its cooling architecture.  The B98 relied on receiving all of its cooling air from the underbody diffuser which deposited the air into the car's sidepods to feed coolers downstream.  The draw back was that when the track temperatures where high, the air the coolers were getting was essentially pre-heated.  This led to having to run the front at higher ride heights in order to get improved airflow.  But that resulted in reduced downforce and balance.  In essence the car's ride height, downforce generation, and subsequent aerodynamic balance was dependent on low ambient temperatures.  Not an ideal situation.

The B2K was designed to rectify this.

>>2000 Lola B2K/10 aero data<<
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2000 Lola B2K/10-Judd Specifications
Layout: Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Monocoque: Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb monocoque
Engine: 3998 cc Judd GV4 V10, normally aspirated, 72 degree cylinder angle, 4 valves per cylinder; per ACO /SRWC rules, 2 x 33.4 mm air restrictors
Horsepower: 600+ hp @ 10250 rpm
Torque: 350+ lb-ft @ 8500 rpm.
Gearbox: Sequential 6-speed sports gearbox
Steering: Custom-designed rack and pinion with option for hydraulic power-assistance and alternative pinion ratios. 
Suspension: Independent suspension at front and rear. Double-wishbone suspension. Pushrod system with longitudinal spring/damper unit (third spring option at front and rear), adjustable gas-filled shock absorbers
Brakes: Latest generation of AP Sportscar 6-pot calipers allowing the use of either 37mm thick carbon discs for Le Mans or AP ventilated iron discs for WSC and ISRS. 15" diameter discs can be used. Aerodynamically optimised, adjustable-flow brake cooling ducts front and rear. Adjustable pedal mountings incorporate driver operated brake bias. 
Wheels: Forged monobloc construction 18" diameter wheel, to suit up to 655 mm diameter front tyre, 724 mm diameter rear tyre. Front width 13" or 13 ˝", rear width 14.5".
Tires: Michelin Radial, Front: 33/65-18, Rear: 36/71-18
Length: 4640 mm
Width: 1990 mm
Wheelbase: 2800mm
Front Overhang: 810 mm
Rear Overhang: 1040 mm
Track Front: 1660 mm
Track Rear: 1580 mm
Weight: 908 kgs. (2000 Le Mans tech average)
Tank capacity: 90 liters
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